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Mahou Sentai Magiranger Toy Guide


Sentai Hero Series: Magiranger - The five Magiranger with their Magistick sidearms. Each sold seperately.

Sentai Hero Series: Wolzard and MagiMother - Each sold seperately. Wolzard comes with wolsabre.

Sentai Hero Series: Magi Red - Magi Red with Magi Punch gloves.

12" Magiranger - Magi Red, Magi Yellow, and Magi Green are fully poseable and come with their respective weapons.


MagiPhone - This phone becomes a wand for the main five Magiranger comes with lights and different sounds with the different codes punched in. Comes with five different plates to put in the inside.

MagiStick - The main sidearm of the Magiranger, comes with five different toppers. it can transform from standard MagiStick form into a crossbow, axe, or sword.

MagiPunch - These gloves are wearable by a child, comes with motion sensor sounds.

Jagun Shield and WolSabre - Wolzard's main weapon and shield, sheild can open to reveal eyeball and sword can be placed inside the shield.

Sky Hokis - Each sold seperately. Magi Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, and Blue come with their own Sky brooms. Fully poseable 5" figures.


MagiKing - Magi Phoenix, Magi Garuda, Magi Taurus, Magi Mermaid, and MagiFairy can become Magi King or Magi Dragon.

Wolkaizer - Special sized Wolzard can combine with Valkiron to create Wolkaizer.