Yoshitaka Igasaki
He is the Last Ninja and the grandfather of the core five Ninningers and father of Tsumuji Igasaki. He fought against the revived form of Gengetsu Kibaoni, who had returned as a Youkai following his fall and defeat in the Sengoku era. During the climax of their fight, Yoshitaka used 48 Sealing Shuriken to seal Gengetsu Kibaoni and his army. In the present day, he was believed dead, but he was just hiding. He returned to assist his grandchildren in their fight against Youkai Kamaitachi and the rest of the Kibaoni forces. To do so, he gives the Ninningers their Otomo Nin Shuriken to fight fairly with the enlarged Youkai. He then fully appears to the Ninningers after Takaharu talked about assuming his mantle, revealing to them that he was still alive and fairly disgruntled about the assumption of his passing. He can't fight the Kibaoni Army Corps like he used to because of his age, and has to wait for his grandchildren to surpass him as a ninja to become the next Last Ninja.

Tsumuji Igasaki
He is Takaharu and Fuka's father, as well as Yakumo, Nagi, and Kasumi's uncle. He had called the Ninningers to their clan's dojo. His son Takaharu proudly accepted the mantle of Ninninger but the others refused. While on their way to Gengetsu Kibaoni's resting place, he sensed "something off" until Gengetsu was released from his seal. After the Ninningers defeated their first Youkai, he met Yoshitaka whom was taught to be dead. While not a ninja himself, he runs the Ninjutsu Dojo, where the Ninningers train their ninja skills. He is a happy-go-lucky man, though his daughter doesn't find his antics amusing. He is a bit wise, having Takaharu to take a rest while his teammates tried to get on the same level as him.

Harukaze Kato
Harukaze Kato is Yakumo's mother and Tsumuji's older sister who is a worldwide fashion designer. She has no interest in ninja, finding it very "uncool," until seeing her son in action with his cousins.

Tetsunosuke Saika XXII
Tetsunosuke Saika XXII is a karakuri technician and son of Tetsunosuke Saika XXI, the man who helped Yoshitaka create the Otomonin. He since then succeeded his father and is now responsible for performing maintenance on the Ninningers' equipment and is the creator of the Chozetsu Shobu Changer, also assisting them in creating their secondary Otomonin. He is usually at Shishi Temple.

Tatsunosuke Hakkaku
Tatsunosuke Hakkaku is the lord of Shinobigakure Castle inside Shinobigakure Village. He appears exclusively in the film Shuriken Sentai Ninninger the Movie: The Dinosaur Lord's Splendid Ninja Scroll!.

He was originally a caring lord to his citizens but this eventually led him to abandon his own family and turned into the terrible dragon after falling into greed, anxiety and fear. In the present day, his body was shrunken to human-sized and rescued by the Ninninger is part of their summer homework. Takeru was forced to look after Tatsunosuke when the Ninningers left to defend the Shinobigakure villagers but forced to abandon him when his comrades were in danger. Seeing Takeru's act, Tatsunosuke eventually joined him and in turn defended the Ninningers when Juza Yumihari tried to attack them. Although his selfless act lifted him from the dinosaur curse and created a new Nin Shuriken, but the Kibaoni Army general used his Yojutsu to turn him back in the terrible dragon until Aka Ninger strikes its horn, separating Tatsunosuke from it and reveals the dragon's true form, the Otomonin Dinomaru. Following the battle's conclusion, he and his villagers thanked the Ninningers and bid farewell, marking the end of their summer homework.

Sakurako Igasaki
Sakurako Igasaki is Takaharu and Fuka's mother and Tsumuji's wife who is a ninja freak. She created the idol duo Ninnin Girls (????????, Ninnin Garuzu), consisting of Fuka and Kasumi. She appears exclusively in the film Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Returns: Ninnin Girls vs. Boys Final Wars.