Megazords are the giant humanoid robots used by both the Go-Busters and the Vaglass.

Go-Buster Ace
The Go-Buster Ace, code named CB-01 Ace, is the CB-01 Cheetah's Megazord mode. Armed with a supply of swords, the Go-Buster Ace can infuse one with Enetron to destroy Vaglass's Megazords.

The Go-Buster-Oh is the combination of the Go-Buster Ace with the GT-02 Gorilla and the RH-03 Rabbit. A barrier is erected during formation sequence to deflect enemy attacks, though the barrier is rather weak and would not hold long. As such, the team has to be quick or the combination would fail. Its main weapon is the Boost Buster Sword, which combines the Go-Buster Ace's sword with thrusters of the RH-03. The Go-Buster-Oh can use the rotor blades on its left arm to generate a mini force field. The force field generated between the blades would be used as a shield. Its finishing move is the Dimension Crash, where the Go-Buster-Oh creates a tear into sub-space to trap an enemy Megazord before using the Boost Buster Sword on it.

Go-Buster Beet
Go-Buster Beet is BC-04 Beetle's Megazord mode. It is armed with the twin Beet Cannons, which can also become the dual-wielded Beet Swords. Its cannon-based finishing attack is the Beet Cannon Burst and its sword-based finishing attack is the Beet Two Sword Cross. Go-Buster Beet's right arm can extend to unleash long ranged punching attacks or convert into a launcher for the SJ-05 Stag Beetle to dock in order to execute the Beet Catapult Attack, launching the SJ-05 through at its target.

Buster Hercules
Buster Hercules is the combination of the BC-04 Beetle and the SJ-05 Stag Beetle. Its armaments include the Beet Cannon and the Gatling Bazooka in its chest, the Stag Launcher on its right arm, and the Stag Shield, which can also be used as a giant pair of scissors, on the left arm. Its finishing attack is the Hercules Crisis, which destroys its target without leaving any trace.

Go-Buster Ace Stag Custom
Go-Buster Ace can combine with the SJ-05 to become Go-Buster Ace Stag Custom.

Great Go-Buster
Great Go-Buster is the combination of the CB-01 Cheetah, GT-02 Gorilla, RH-03 Rabbit, BC-04 Beetle, and SJ-05 Stag Beetle specially designed by Masato to allow the Go-Busters to fight Megazords in subspace. Because of the complex and time-consuming nature of the machine's assembly, Great Go-Buster Oh is assembled in the base's hangar and launched after it is completed. It is armed with the Buster Lance, which it uses to perform the Demolition Thrust finishing attack, and the Stag Launcher. Because the combination uses an incredible amount of energy, using Great Go-Buster puts massive strain on Hiromu's body.

Tategami Lioh
Tategami Lioh can also change into the "Buddyzord" mode where it takes on a Megazord appearance. It wields the Lioncer Gun in a spear mode, while its Buddy Animal mode head becomes the Tategami Shield that it uses to block attacks and fire a beam from the mouth. Its finishing attack is the Lio Impact. The "LT" in the Buddyzord's name stands for "Lion Trike".

Go-Buster Lioh
Go-Buster Lioh is the combination of the LT-06 Tategami Lioh, the GT-02 Gorilla, and the RH-03 Rabbit. It has a wild fighting style, as Tategami Lioh's AI is in control of the Megazord. In this form, Go-Buster Lioh can also use the Boost Buster Sword and the energy shield formed from RH-03's rotors. Its finishing attack is the Ignition Tornado, where a blast of energy is released by the Tategami Shield on its chest.

Go-Buster King
Go-Buster King is the combination of the GT-02 Gorilla, RH-03 Rabbit, BC-04 Beetle, SJ-05 Stag Beetle, and LT-06 Tategami Lioh. It has brute force with Tategami Lioh's wild style fighting, making this combination stronger than any other Megazords. But unlike Great Go-Buster, it doesn't need to combine in the hangar, since Tategami Lioh can do it by itself. It is armed with both of Great Go-Buster's weapons and twin swords on both arms to perform the Twin Blade Slash finishing attack. Its finishing attack is the Emission Break, where Go-Buster King charges Enetron into the Buster Lance and slashes all targets.