Transformation device of the five main Gaoranger. Transforms into an animal and then human mode when the Gaoranger activate the change function. The transformation call is "Gao Access, haa!" and "Summon spirit of the earth!" is called out while the helmets are formed. Also utilize it as a regular cell phone to communicate with each other. Each Gaoranger has a different identification number; 1. GaoWhite, 2. GaoBlack, 3. GaoBlue, 4. GaoYellow, and 5. GaoRed.
G-Brace Phone
GaoSilver's transformation device. Has all the basic function of the regular G-Phone and can be worn on Silvers hand as a bracelet. GaoSilver is registered as number 6 on the G-Phones.

Beast King Sword
Each Gaoranger carries their own dagger. When the five Beast King Swords are brought together with five compatible Gao Jewels, it enables the Gaorangers to call and combine the Power Animals.

Each Gaoranger has claws on their gloves, for quick short range attacks in close combat.

Lion Fang
Gao Red's claw based weapon. It can be separated into two parts.
Bison Axe
Gao Black's personal weapon is an axe.
Shark Cutters
Gao Blue has a pair of Tonfas.

Feather Cutters
Feather themed dirks that are contained in the hilt of the Eagle Sword.
Eagle Sword
Gao Yellow's individual weapon.

Tiger Baton
Gao White's personal baton weapon.

Haja Hyakujuken (Evil-Crushing Hundred Beast Sword)
Combination of the five main Gaorangers individual weapons. Is used to destroy normal sized Org monsters. The Gaoranger can also channel their energy into this weapon. The finishing call is Evil dispersed.

Gao Mane Buster
Gao Red received this gun in Episode 3 when he refused to give up when the Gaorangers were losing to Camera Org. GaoRed's claw based weapon. The Lion Fang transforms into it. It has two modes: Normal Mode, which rapidly fires laser blasts like a machine gun, and Final Mode, which fires a powerful energy blast from a barrel that extends from the mouth.

Gao Hustler Rod
Gao Silver's weapon that has three modes. The first is Saber Mode, where it is used like a bladed weapon, and the second is Sniper Mode in which it's used as a rifle. The third mode is Break Mode, a rod weapon used for billiard. In its blade mode, its special attack is Silver Wolf Full Moon Cut. This mode is used for Silver's finisher attack Evil-Crushing Sacred Beast Orbs, where he generates Laser Pool--a virtual pool table, and Silver shoots his jewels as if there were billiard balls to finish off an Org. The finishing call is Juku Gyokusai (Evil honorably defeated). Laser Pool is also used for GaoSilver to summon his Power Animals, and the Gao Hustler Rod was once used to emulate the Evil-Crushing Sacred Beast Orbs with GaoMadillo and the Ligator Blade, called the Hunter Sacred Beast Orbs.

Falcon Summoner
A bow weapon that is used by Gao Red, that was received in Episode 31. After Highness Duke Ura killed all the Gaorangers except for Kakeru and Soutarou, the former were able to complete a puzzle that allowed this weapon to come into Kakeru's possession. It has three modes, Gun Mode is where the bow ends are closed and it is able to fire rapid blasts. Its second form, Arrow Mode is where the ends are opened and a falcon shaped arrow can be shot. The final mode, Summoner Mode, can summon Gao Falcon by connecting Gao Red's Beast King Sword (which is equipped with the Gao Falcon jewel) to the Falcon Summoner when it is in arrow mode. In episode 35, the Gao Jewels for the other Power Animals that form Gao Icarus where placed into the empty slots in the Falcon Summoner. This was done because Blacksmith Org reforged the others' Beast King Swords into silverware and were unable to summon the Power Animals. It is the customary function to call the beasts that form Gao Icarus.