Chouriki (Super Powered) Mobiles
OhRed controls Skyphoenix, whose main attack is called the Phoenix Beam. It forms the standard head of Ohranger Robo, which called the Wing Head Helmet. Below is the default head that recives the helmets.

OhGreen pilots Grantaurus whose attack is called the Taurus Beam. When its Horn Head helmet is attached to Ohranger Robo, OhGreen commands the robo. The Horn Head is useful for headbutts. Its special technique Chouriki Taurus Thunder heats up from its horns, that can melt off anything foreign.

Dash Leon
OhBlue pilots Dash Leon, its main attack is the Leon Shot. It forms the chest and arms of the robo. With its Graviton Head attached to Ohranger Robo, OhBlue controls the robo. Its attacks include the Chouriki Leon Beam, which emits from the helmet; and the Leon Punch.

Dogu Lander
OhYellow pilots Dogu Lander, its main attack is called the Dogu Searcher. When its Vulcan Head attaches to OhrangerRobo, OhYellow takes command. Usually the cannons on the side of the head point forward. Its main attack is called the Dogu Vulcan, which shoots when the cannons are pointed upward and there is also the Dogu Sky Kick.

Moa Loader
OhPink pilots Moa Loader which attacks is the Moa Launcher missile. With the Cannon Head attached to the Ohranger Robo, OhPink controls the robo and attacks with the Chouriki Moa Cannon.

OhRanger Robo
Height: 78.5 m | Width: 65.5 m
Weight: 8500 t
The five combine into the Ohranger Robo. It was badly damaged in Ep. 19 by Bara Builder, and repaired in Ep. 22. Its main weapon is the Super Crown Sword, which can perform Crown Final Crash, Chouriki Crown Sword Shoot, and Chouriki Crown Spark Shield. Its other attack is called Chouriki Jump Crash.